Our 2000 Award Winners

Here are the winners of The Huskies Domain Award.
Please pay a visit to their wonderful sites!

Spirit of the Wolves
My Border Collie
Whitecotton Samoyeds
Boris & Natasha + the coolest birds in the Big Apple
Lynandra Tibetan Spaniels
The Lab Dogs
D Filipino Connection

Milwin Kennel
Polestep Sleddog Racing Team
Samoyed Kaskimaan Nikolai
WYSIWYG Luke Skywalker v Longo
Hecklas Kennel
Tervueren Quattpatt Photography
Starlight Dachshund
Kontessa's Story

Canton Chow Chows
Kaskimaan Samoyed Kennel
Casey's Celtic Charm
Våra Djur

The Pack's Home Page
Maspyrians-My Breed
Kennel Sibirian Trail
norwegian elkhound riihen otto
Dobermann in the north of Sweden
Samoyed Kaskimaan Nikolai

American Pet Registry
K-N-C's Siberians
Baltic Breeze Samoyeds - Finland
My Dogs...Formerly Known as THE Pooches
Kennel Chamorels
Spindrift Lhasa Apsos
Ann's Art
Monalyto Samoyeds

Kosaj & Friends
Humphrey´s Hjemmeside
Cody's Page

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