Introducing the Collar and Lead

Introducing the Collar Collars should be introduced to your puppy right away. Though he may resist wearing a collar initially, soon he won’t even notice.

There are three basic types of collars; buckle collars, choke collars and prong collars. Buckle collars are the only collar recommended to leave on any dog while unsupervised! Stronger dogs over four months old that pull hard on lead may need a choke collar but only when training or walking!

Introducing the lead Your puppy will accept the lead (leash) much more readily if you introduce it gradually. Under your supervision, begin by letting your puppy drag the lead around the yard to get used to the feel of minor pressure on his neck. As he walks around, follow him, then gently pick up the lead and walk with him. Keep the lead held high and speak in a friendly, encouraging manner as you walk.

At this early stage, don’t look for the disciplined precision of a formal heel. Your goal is to simply get your pup comfortable with the leash and to walk with you without resistance. If he starts to pull out in front, gently reverse your direction and make a noise to distract you pup. No verbal commands should be used during this introduction. You are simply helping your puppy become accustomed to the weight and feel of the lead.

Taking the time to properly introduced your puppy to the collar and lead set the stage for teaching your puppy the basic elements of obedience. Your goal is to have the puppy accept a collar and lead calmly, without resisting.

For puppies, collars and leads lighter hardware (buckles, snaps and rings) are best. When grown, you can replace with heavy-duty hardware if a appropriate for your breed. Be sure to check your puppy’s collar fit frequently and loosen as your puppy’s neck grows.

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